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An Introduction

Welcome to the world of 21 & ‘Upcakes. It’s a world for those with a love of baking, entertaining, and the times when they cross over each other. This blog is meant to be a hub for my fellow dessert revolutionaries. Don’t know what the revolution is? Jump on over to the About section to read all about it.

We started this endeavor with just a simple goal, making people happy, specifically through baked deliciousness. It has since grown beyond a simple smile to a near-obsession with all things delicious and creative. So we wanted to share. We are here to provide you tips and tricks in the art, well rather science, of baking and a few insights into the creative process of coming up with new tastes and combinations. As well as the occasional printable to help keep things neat and organized.

We invite you to share your experiences too, what have you found that works or falls shorter than a depressed souffle. Have a favorite recipe that works and you want to share it with the world, or maybe just an idea that you’d like us to give a go at? Tell us, we’re all ears. And who knows, if it works, you may just find it and yourself mentioned in the upcoming cookbook.