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Here is where our inspiration has brought us, the base of revolution headquarters. We’ve detailed information about our cupcake creations and where the ideas were found. Want to learn to make these delicious delecasies? Be on the lookout for our upcoming cookbook and recipe app. We understand though that it’s hard to wait sometimes, so we’ll be adding our creations available for sale on a per-recipe basis over at the Recipe Shop or on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Sweet Treats
Drunken IrishmanRaspberry Crush | S’more Goodness | Espresso YourselfThe Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

I think it’s also reasonable to give a shout-out to those that inspired us in the first place. There are a few books that we read and continually refer back to because they’re full of interesting and new ideas, and not to mention quite a few tips and baking tricks for the newly acquainted baker. So check them out, see if they inspire you as they did us.

What’s New, Cupcake? Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion
is a GREAT book if your looking to add a little something extra to your dessert dish, and is that what the Dessert Revolution is all about? Karen Tack and Alan Richardson take you step by step for each beautiful confection to ensure that you get just the look you’re going for. They even have videos that help show you each step so you can get that perfect lo mein and broccoli look for the Chinese Lo Mein cupcakes (and warning, it really does look like lo mein – how cool is that). So from sand castles to penguins, Karen and Alan will make sure you have the perfect design for your event.

Though I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting in San Francisco, in fact I’ve never even been to San Francisco, based on their book, Miette has got to be one of the best bakeries in the country. They’re self-titled book Miette: Recipes from San Francisco’s Most Charming Pastry Shop is great for the novice baker that longs to improve their skills in the kitchen. For instance, do you know why it’s best to let your eggs come to room temperature or why sifting your powdered ingredients really does make a difference? Or what the perfect temperature of a simple syrup is for the silkiest buttercream you’re ever going to taste? They do, and they explain the science behind it too. This book helped us realize that yes, baking is an art, but there is also a lot of science behind it, science that once it’s understood, can take your culinary creations to a whole new level.

Drunken Irishman

 The cupcake that started it all. Our take on an Irish Car Bomb. Dark Guinness-Infused Chocolate Cupcake with Jameson Irish Whiskey Topped with a Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting. It started on a random cake baking adventure night that also had on-hand Guinness, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Jameson Irish Whiskey (I’m not Irish at all). That night the Drunken Irishmen was born. It was inspired from a friend that had made a Car Bomb cake for a wedding reception. The cupcakes were a hit and we had an epiphany: why not make cupcakes out of our other favorite drinks? Everyone seemed to like them so we just kept going, thus 21 & ‘Upcakes was formed out of necessity from the marriage of drinks and desserts.

Raspberry Crush Pin It
Our signature chocolate cupcake filled with a raspberry chocolate rum liquor ganache, topped with white chocolate frosting, raspberry chocolate syrup and a fresh raspberry. This beauty came to us all the way from St. Thomas in the Caribbean. My parents had recently returned from a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise and all I got was this stinkin’ tshirt. Oh wait, that was last time. This time they came back with an assortment of intriguing liquors to do with what I would, much better than a tshirt. The Chocolate Raspberry Rum Liquor was especially intriguing as that has always been one of my favorite combinations, chocolate and raspberry, then you throw in some rum and we’re talking some serious goodness. So why not take a deliciously moist chocolate cupcake, fill it with a ganache infused with this new alcoholic treat and top it with even more raspberry goodness? I couldn’t think of a reason, and so the Raspberry Crush was born.

  S’more Goodness  Pin It

Not the outdoor type? Bring the campfire to your kitchen with S’more goodness. Sweet, hazelnut Frangelico-infused chocolate cupcake topped with a marshmallow frosting and crumbled graham crackers. This one, as you can probably already guess, came to us on a cold wintery night when we were having hot cocoa around the fireplace. What better to go with that than s’mores, right? Well when all you have are Duraflame logs, which we do NOT recommend cooking anything over, you have to be creative. So we took the basic breakdown of a s’more (chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker), threw in a dash of Frangelico because who doesn’t like hazelnut, and we arrived at S’more Goodness. All the taste of a s’more without the dangerous chemicals of Duraflame.

Espresso Yourself Pin It

Ready for a caffeine kick? Try a morning jolt with our coffee cupcake. Santa’s White Christmas coffee-infused chocolate cupcakes filled with a Kalhua chocolate ganache, then topped with white chocolate frosting, toasted coconut and an optional dark chocolate covered espresso bean. This cupcake is credit of my dear friend Kippy and her not-so-secret obsession with Barnies’ Santa’s White Christmas coffee. She challenged us to create a cupcake that reflected all of the same flavors and overtones as the coffee: white chocolate, coconut, and, of course, coffee. Introducing Espresso Yourself.

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

A delicious taste of pumpkin with the hint of spiced rum topped with a cinnamon dolce cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle. This one came to us last Fall from a love of all things PSL – Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to this one all year, and that first day can never come soon enough. As soon as it starts getting cooler and the holidays start encroaching, this warm feeling of togetherness and Fall just overtake the city in a beautiful smell of pumpkin and spices. With this cupcake, we tried to capture the essence of Fall in a cupcake – pumpkin, cloves, cinnamon, and all spice. Then through in some caramel and cream cheese, and how can you go wrong?

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