Who’s Driving This Thing

Wondering who the minds behind 21 & ‘Upcakes are? While it’s been a long road with many friends and family support, we’ve got two heads that seem to keep this crazy train going.

Danielle loves creating and is normally the one stopping mid-sentence when an idea for a new flavor pops into her head. She’s always up for a laugh and is a good source of them, being a klutz and embracing self-diagnosed ADD. When she’s not busy in the kitchen playing mad-scientist with a shaker and whisk, she can normally be found banging on a trash can, strummin’ on a street light…
Oh wait, that was Doug, but she can be found jamming out in her car, burning the dance floor swing dancing or being with friends while watching Friends. Did we mention she’s a movie buff? So be on the lookout for inspiration from the box office.



Favorite Flavor: Irish Car Bomb
Favorite Superhero: Jean Grey
Favorite Movie: Beauty & the Beast
Most Interesting Travel Experience: Turkish Hammam

Sydney believes that the way to everyone’s heart is through some sort of food, and she absolutely loves to experiment and try new delicious flavors. Whether you are a salty lover, or a sweet lover, everyone loves to munch. Born and raised in Southern California, she developed a love for being outside, drinking lemonade, taking in the air, and finding the humor in everyday life. Outside of 21 & ‘Upcakes, she is pursuing a career in Emergency Medical Services.

Favorite Flavor: Raspberry Crush
Favorite Superhero: Batman (Although she may secretly be Wonder Woman)
Favorite Movie: Anchorman
Most Interesting Travel Experience: Road Trip to Arizona


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