In our day and age of shock and awe there still exists an area that we feel content supplying the bare minimum – the ”bring a dish” scenario. In the rest of our lives we’re constantly surrounded by the next big thing, but when Betty asks us to bring a dessert to dinner, we seem to revert to our old faithful standbys – the generic brownies, the overcooked cookies, or whatever was on sale at the store on your way to dinner. Now we have nothing against brownies or cookies or even the day old cake bites at the grocery store, but what if we can change the norm and bring about an age where dessert yet again becomes a real treat, and if we may be so bold as to dream, even an experience?

That is the goal of 21 & ‘Upcakes, to reconquer desserts for the adventurers like ourselves. To bring to the table tasty treats with a twist – like car bomb cupcakes, brandy brownies, and tequila truffles. To walk past the cake mixes and pre-made goodies to say, ”No. Today, I will venture beyond the mundane. Today, I will cause a stir. Today, I will be the party.”

That’s where booz’erts come into play. What is a booz’ert you may ask? It’s a boozy dessert. A sweet that isn’t content with the traditional. A sweet that has a flare for the dramatic and urge to defy. It’s the best of both worlds and it’s what is going to make you the triumph of your next party.

“I’m not a baker,” you say? That’s ok, neither were we. That’s what we’re here for though. To provide ideas, inspiration, a few tips & tricks and maybe even a few freebies along the way. And be on the lookout for our upcoming cookbook and recipe app for the recipes to all our 21 & ‘Upcakes original creations. Until then, in the immortal words of the French, “Vive la revolution!”

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